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What is WordPress?

What is WordPress? | Features | Alternatives – Tricks bank

What is WordPress? WordPress is a form of excellent for many websites. It is used in blogging and different portfolio websites, WordPress has versatility. WordPress act as a great solution for large and small websites.

What is WordPress? – How it works

WordPress is extremely flexible. The main reason behind it is that it is the popular choice to build a website .word press helps to build any kind of website. WordPress foundation is a non-profit organization. People use word press to make money. What is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the easiest way to create your own website or blog. It is easy for bigger and powerful developers.

It is simple to use as a word processor like Microsoft Word.

With WordPress we can create a Business website, e-commerce stores, blogs, portfolios, resumes, forums, social networks, membership sites, many other things. What is WordPress?

How WordPress Works

WordPress is a content management system. It works by combining core files, database files that are added or installed. The word press works differently from static websites or website builders. What is WordPress?

What as WordPress Press Websites?

Any websites that are used WordPress as a content management system. It helps the users to make changes or add new content. Some of the websites that can make through websites are:- What is WordPress?

  • Blog:- It is a type of websites which allow sharing of thoughts, recipes, review, photo etc.
  • E-commerce:- A e-commerce is a website which allows to sell online and also collect online payment.
  • Business websites:- Many customers require websites to know about companies and what they offer. They can ask you for a quote, schedule an appointment, and many more.
  • Membership websites:- Membership websites help to keep the content behind an account login. Users may log in for content.
  • Portfolio websites:- keeping designs, artwork with portfolio websites built-in word press.
  • Forum websites:- Forum websites help users to ask questions and share advice.
  • Event websites:- word press helps to share event details and sell tickets.
  • E-learning websites:- you can offer online courses through WordPress websites.

Features of WordPress

  1. Information management:- It allows to the management of the information such as changing the rule of the user. The main aim of user management is Authentication.
  2. Media management:- It is the tool for managing media files and folders.
  3. Theme system:- It allows modifying functions.
  4. Extend with Plugins:- several plugins are available which provide a custom function.
  5. Search Engine Optimization:- It provides several search engine optimization.
  6. Importers:- It allows importing data in the form of posts.
WordPress.org vsWordPress.com
WordPress.org vsWordPress.com What is WordPress?

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Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

WordPress.com WordPress.org
It is a fully hosted program.

You would get a free subdomain

There is basic security, backups, maintenance.

You can choose any themes from over 100 themes

You can make the basic design on your website

There are some built-in plugins

You cannot add more ads on your free word press.com

It is a self-hosted program.

You would need to get a custom domain itself.

You would need to take care of accepts yourself

You have unlimited themes.

Unlimited design customization.

There are unlimited plugins.

You can display as many advertisements ads you want to display


WordPress and Other CMS (WP Alternatives)

CMS is a content management system that lets you easily create a website without understanding the code. What is WordPress?

The most used CMS are as follows:


It is one of the best CMS platforms. Word press .org is the free open-source CMS that is originally designed for blogging. You have complete freedom to make money online from your website.

The market share of word press is 40%


It is another popular free open-source CMS platform. It is free to use but you require hosting and domain name. It gives us a lot of flexibility and many options. One can use Joomla to run an e-commerce store as there are extensions available for this.

The market share of Joomla is 2.2%


It is another popular free open-source CMS platform. It is a good option for developers or for people to hire a developer. It is especially his if you are aiming to build a customized site. They offer free installation and even help to transfer which is the earlier drupal site.

The market share of Drupal is 2.4%


It is the most popular e-commerce platform in the world. It could be easily managed .woo commerce is free software but you need to woo-commerce hosting and domain name to get started.

Market share of woo commerce is  25%


It is a popular CMS platform. It offers a plan. You can add a lot of apps through your site from Wix app market. They work like word press plugins to give your site a new feature.

The market share of Wix is 1.0%

What is WordPress
What is WordPress


It is a fully hosted e-commerce platform .which sometimes called an in-all platform. It is easy to get if you are a beginner. There are different ways that you can take payment through big commerce. Customers can take digital wallets like Apple pay, Amazon pay, pay pal.

Market share of big commerce is1 %


It is one of the hosted CMS platforms. you don’t require to install any software, manage things like update and backups

The market share of Shopify is 15%


It can easily confuse it by WordPress .org .you can create a site with WordPress.com completely free of charge .you can use the own domain name

Market share of word press.com is 64%


Ghost is a CMS platform specially designed for bloggers. The data you can produce be shown on our own websites.

Market share of ghost is o.1%


Mage to is the open-source e-commerce platform from huge software company abode. There are free versions you can download and install on your web page .with Magento you can handle a lot of products and customers. There are many big brand names like Magento example coca-cola, Mike, ford. What is WordPress?

Market share of Magento is o.8%


Blogger has been around since 1999, it is a CMS platform that is geared up for blogging. It is a free service provided by Google.

Blogger is easy to get started with.it well designed for writing and publishing posts.

Bitrix 24

Bitrix is a business tool that offers a CMS platform. It has the feature like manage your task, project, communication, and customer relationship. If you want a CRM tool, it could be a good choice. What is WordPress?

The market share of Bitrix 24 is 1.96%


Typo 3 is a free, open-source CMS platform that has been around even longer than blogger.

Market share of TYPO 3 is o.5%

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