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Google Adwords Certification

Google Adwords Certification – Benefits | Free? Tricks Bank

Google Adwords Certification It is mainly a professional accreditation which is offered by Google. Google offers it to only those people who want to demonstrate proficiency in both basic as well as the advanced aspects of Google Ads.

What is Google Adwords Certification

It is Google from where anyone or brand can purchase ads for the focused keywords. This certification indicates that google recognizes the individual as an online advertising expert. The Google AdWords Certification can be earned through Skillshop, the online training program of Google. Nowadays, six Google Adwords Certifications are available.

These are:-

  • Google Ads Search,
  • Google Ads Display,
  • Google Ads Video,
  • Shopping ads,
  • Google Ads Apps, and
  • Google Ads Measurement.

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Google Adwords Certification – Benefits

About Google Adwords

Google AdWords assists to demonstrate your excellence and expertise. With the help of this, you can represent yourself to prospective clients as a certified online advertising professional who has a personalized certificate.

It also assists the company in earning the Google Partner or Premier Google Partner badge.

Get Trained by Google

Many people can say that they know everything about the Google AdWords Certification (for example, how to use it). But most of those people are not trained by Google itself.

If you get trained by Google through the certification program, you will know the best possible way to utilize the AdWords tools. That’s why, if you have a Google AdWords Certification, you will become an expert on it.

Impress Customers

As soon as you complete the program on Google, it will endorse the skills that you have with AdWords. It is one of the effective ways following which you can easily impress the customers.

Thus, it also helps to enhance the probability of expanding your clientele. What you need to do is only to sign up for the Google Adwords Certification program. Thus, you can become a Google-certified partner.

Learn More Details About Other Tools

There is an interconnection between Google’s tools for SEO. As soon as you will adapt how to use one, you will get to learn how to use the others.

Thus, you can gather more knowledge about AdWords. When you will come to know the right use of AdWords in-depth, you will become a good Google Engage user.

Google Adwords Certificationss
Google Adwords Certification


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Available certifications

Google Ads Search Certification
Google Ads Display Certification
Google Ads Video Certification
Shopping ads Certification
Google Ads Apps Certification
Google Ads Measurement Certification


Now we are going to discuss these Google Adwords certifications. Let’s check it out.

Google Ads Search Certification

This Google Ads search Certification optimizes your Google Search campaigns and helps to demonstrate the mastery of building. Those who are certified users are able to leverage automated solutions such as Smart Bidding and Audience Solutions. It will help to increase the campaign performance for a particular marketing purpose.

Google Ads Display Certification

The function of this Google Adwords Certification is to validate your excellence and expertise with the help of Google Display. If you are a certified user, you can easily develop Display strategies and campaigns which help to reach particular marketing aims.

Google Ads Video Certification

It helps to showcase the user’s ability so that they can get results from the Google Video advertising solutions and YouTube. Those who are Certified users know the proper way of telling effective stories on YouTube. Thus, they can easily reach the potential customers and as well as the whole purchase journey at scale.

Shopping ads Certification

This Google Adwords Certification makes your proficiency validated by optimizing the Shopping ads. People who are Certified users, know the method of creating and optimizing Shopping campaigns. In this way, it helps to boost reach and conversions.

Google Ads Apps Certification.

The prime target of the Google Ads Apps Certification is to showcase your expertise in generating Google App Campaigns so that it can offer an efficient business impact. Those who are certified must know everything about campaign creation and advanced optimization strategies.

Google Ads Measurement Certification

It exhibits the ability of the user for optimizing as well as measuring the digital ad performance with the help of Google’s measurement solutions.

Those who are Certified users should have knowledge about the essential matrics. Besides, they will be able to convert the key insights into action. It is beneficial for improving the Google Ads performance and creating an essential impact on your business.

Benefits of Google Adwords

The benefits of Google AdWords are as follows:-

Adwords works faster than SEO

It can work quicker compared to SEO. Although both of these are search engine marketing strategies that mainly help to generate more traffic and leads. However, a good optimized AdWords campaign has the ability to work much quicker for any business so that that business can achieve the much-coveted first spot in search.

Boost brand awareness

Google AdWords is very advantageous for increasing traffic, clicks, and conversions. It is the most useful way that you can follow to inform the customers about your products, brands, etc. Google made a partnership with Ipsos for verifying this. As per research, we come to know that search ads have the capability of lifting top-of-mind awareness by 6.6% (average).

How Google Adwords Work
How Google Adwords Work

How to Get Google Ads certification

First, you need to set up a Skillshop account to work with Google AdWords. As soon as you will create an account, it will give you access to the free Google Ads certification assessments. Moreover, you will get access to learning paths that can be used for assessment studies.

You have to pass the product area assessment of Skillshop to get Google Ads Certification in its product area. Google Ads products areas in which you can get certifications are Google Ads Search, Google Ads Display, Google Ads Video, Shopping ads, Google Ads Apps, and Google Ads Measurement Certification.

How Google is Helping Business with Adword

  • Google helps business with Adwords by
  • Offering more calls to the business
  • Boosting the number of visitors to your shop
  • Increasing more traffic to your site.

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