Free Cloud Storage | Best and Secure | Backup Tricks Bank
Which is Best Cloud Storage

Free Cloud Storage | Best and Secure | Backup Tricks Bank

Free Cloud Storage. Let check which company is providing the best and reliable cloud storage for free also we also check the condition behind the company’s policy.

In the end, we will share our experience with the various companies’ backup and working policies.

Free Cloud Storage | Which is Best Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a cloud computing platform where we store our data on the cloud-based internet. it gives you many options to manage your data on your own. Cloud computing is fast and it gives you to right to handle your data from anywhere at any time.

Free Cloud Storage | and their Limitations System

There are many cloud storage companies in the World but in these companies, some are giving the best service.

Let start

Amazon Drive

It provides easy access to the document, music, photos, and videos you have stored in Amazon Drive.

  • Free Limit:- Amazon drive, offer free unlimited photo drive with Amazon prime subscription.
  • Starting Price:- The starting plan is at dollar 12 roughly as Rs 800 for 1 year for 100G.B of storage.
  • Why Choose:- Amazon drive allows to drag and drop files, which make the process of files from p.c to cloud.
  • Why not Choose:- Amazon drive does not allow to select multiple images and download Them together.

Microsoft’s One Drive

It was previously known as sky drive. It is a file hosting service and synchronization service operated by Microsoft.

  • Free Limit:- Microsoft one drive gives 5G.B of free storage. You sign up for one drive only, buy more.
  • Starting Price:- The price of Microsoft one drive is 5,299 per year.
  • Why Choose:- With Microsoft you can sync files between your cloud and computer, so you get files from anywhere from your computer.
  • Why not Choose:- when it is sharing files with colleagues and client/suppliers too. This also limits its effectiveness as a project management tool.

Apple iCloud

Apple cloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service from Apple Inc. Launched on October 12, 2011

  • Free Limit:- In the Apple cloud, you automatically get 5G.B of free storage. If you require more space .you can upgrade to the larger storage plan.
  • Starting Price:- iCloud price just start Rs  75/mo for 50 G.B
  • Why Choose:- It means your all information – photos, files, notes, or more. You can add more storage at any time.
  • Why not Choose:- There is an additional cost for uploading and downloading files from the cloud.


Free Cloud Storage
Free Cloud Storage | Free Cloud Storage


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Idrive provides online backups for PCs, Macs, Android all in one account for a low fee.

  • Free Limit:- For personal use, you have a choice between a free basic 5-gigabyte G.B plan and an annual subscription that provides 1tetrabyte.
  • Starting Price:- Idrive personal cost $69.50  per year for 2BT of storage, which is a good value. A 5TB plan will run $99.50 per year .idrive frequently offers discounts for its plan.
  • Why Choose:- using the cloud for storage gives you access to your files from anywhere that has an internet connection.
  • Why not Choose:- cloud storage is supposed to eliminate our dependency on hard drives right.

Google Drive Cloud Storage

Google drive is the free online data storage service provided by Google.

  • Free Limit:- It starts with 15 G.B of free storage that is shared on.
  • Starting Price:- Across Google Drive, Gmail, and google photos .when u upgrade google one.The storage increases to 100G.B and more.
  • Why Choose:- It is reasonably affordable, helps in sharing files It keeps as a backup when the hard drive dies.
  • Why not choose:- Hackers hack and remove all the important data, they install a virus into the server, and files are gone.

Google Cloud

Nowadays Google is dominating 0%+ market share in Android so you will get automatically google cloud storage in your android mobile. It is offered by Google company as a suite of cloud computing services that run on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user product. Free Cloud Storage


It is your personal cloud space where u can store all the files and folders. It has a user-friendly interface.

  • Free Limit:- It receives up to 10G.B free cloud storage.
  • Starting Price:- Starting price for 500GB USD 47.88 for one year and USD 175 for a lifetime
  • Why Choose:- cloud is the most secure encrypted cloud storage, where u can store your personal.
  • Why not Choose:- May does not get all the features. They tend to offer a limited version. Before you sign up u must be known what cloud offers.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage helps to store data. It is a cloud computing provider that manages and operates data storage as a service .cloud storage works as by allowing a client computer, tablet, smartphone to send and retrieve.

Cloud storage uses data centers with massive computer Servers that physically store the data.

How Does Cloud Storage Work
How Does Cloud Storage Work


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How Does Cloud Storage Work?

Cloud storage uses a chain of servers that include both master control servers include both master control servers. The servers are linked with one another and it can be utilized depending upon the use and requirement and billed accordingly.

It saves a lot of money otherwise you have to spend on more strong servers as your business needs to increase. The best feature of cloud storage is that you can upload your files and download them.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

You can easily upload your file on your online drive using a mobile device, you can retrieve that file using the computer or any other device with internet connectivity.

The cloud storage saves your data across the servers, so even one of the data centers gets collapsed your data will be managed by other data centers, which makes your data safe and supervised. If the data get lost or corrupted at the server, the backup must be there. Free Cloud Storage

There are some cloud storage services provided which give cloud storage for a lifetime affordable price, which is an offer for small business. Free Cloud Storage

It provides the file-sharing feature that helps to share the file with other users.

Every business has a backup storage plan .where they store all copies of their data .cloud storage service provides the best platform for disaster recovery data. Any business can use cloud storage as data backup storage.

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